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Jaded Hearts by OLIVIA LINDEN

Plot and Character Bios

The Players

Jade-   Heads to New York to start fresh after a broken engagement

Julian- A sexy Cuban playboy who falls hard for Jade’s “innocence”

John-  A handsome successful attorney who falls even harder, but remains a loyal friend in her time of need.

Vivian- Jade’s aunt, she offers the opportunity of a lifetime, but holds a dark secret.

Jackie- Her naïve cousin and confidant.

The Recipe

1 Love Triangle
1 Confused and guarded heroine
1 Over zealous protagonist

1 Healthy dose of Romance
1 Betrayal
1 Family secret
1 Event that changes everything

So you have a not so classic love triangle, with a hint of mystery. What could possibly be the problem? Jade doesn’t believe in love, and lives by denial. Being abandoned by her mother at a young age has left her with a hard shell around her heart, and an even harder time letting her feelings show. As she tries to find herself through her new relationships, Jade learns the hard way that sometimes intentions mean everything, and nothing at all. Will she find love or will she leave a trail of jaded hearts? Love, romance secrets, and lies are all on the menu. Jaded Hearts is Edgy,funny,and sexy!

"Omg? This story is insane. Hot and steamy, just the way I like it!! Real characters, real situations, love, lust, success, easy read and it keeps you wanting more. Excellent book, can't wait for part two!!!"



"Passionate!! That pretty much sums up this book! I absolutely could not put it down. And to think I purchased this on accident. But to hell with that! I guess it was meant to be. Jade, Julian, and John! The triple J triangle! Jade and Julian's relationship is a blazing lustful fire that wants to consume. Jade and John's relationship is solid and spicy and could very well go the distance. And sex with both gentlemen would make any woman cross her eyes with pleasure! But both have secrets! Whose secret is bigger? And is it forgivable? Ahhh sookie sookie now! I cannot not wait for book 2!" 

 "This is a wonderful book to read. This book was chosen by my book club and I wasn't sure about it as it was 2nd on my list but I'm so glad it was selected. I found my self sitting up in the middle of the night to finish. I love a book that I get so caught up in the characters that I forgot they can't hear me and start talking to them.

I recommend this book as it will have you laughing and crying as well as sitting on the edge of your seat with your legs cross! ;)"

"Bravo Bravo Bravo!!!!! LOVED IT!!! It completely took hold of me and dragged me in. This story was well written and down to earth so you could relate to it on several levels. And of course anyone who reads it will be anxiously awaiting the sequel."


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© 2013 by Olivia Linden

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